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Notes From The Road - Christmas Break

Hey fellow holiday enthusiasts! If you're anything like me and cherish the magic of Christmas, here's a festive tip to make your season even merrier: avoid the chaos of the busiest Christmas holiday travel days. Instead, consider extending your holiday and travel on the less bustling days surrounding Christmas. Opting for travel dates a day or two before or after the main event not only grants you the luxury of a more relaxed journey but also preserves your peace of mind, allowing you to fully savor the joy of the season. Imagine uncrowded airports, shorter security lines, and a generally more tranquil atmosphere, reminiscent of a cozy Christmas morning at home. Plus, hotels and popular tourist spots are often less crowded, letting you soak in the holiday spirit without the hectic rush. It's like unwrapping an early gift of serenity and joy – a delightful bonus to your festive season. So, take my advice and give yourself the present of a stress-free, magical Christmas journey. Travel smart, travel in tranquility, and let the holiday cheer guide your way!



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