Ready...Set...Vacation! with Erik the Travel Guy


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The final stretch of 2022 is underway! Many of you will be traveling within the next 90 days and I want to make something very clear. Taking a vacation or time away to visit family and friends can be very stressful. If you (or someone you know) suffers from travel anxiety, then let’s get it clear in our minds. The success of your travel experience hinges on you. Make arrangements now to be prepared when travel time arrives. In other words, get organized, get educated, follow the rules and have a couple of back up plans ready. Have your car services, check the tires, check in online (airline), download the hotel’s mobile app and confirm your reservation. Become a loyalty club member and start earning rewards. Does your airline take cash on board or just plastic? United Airlines only allows you to pay for on board purchase using a card on file through their app. Knowledge is power! Travel days are all about attitude, comfortability and flexibility. Remember: a fantastic travel experience starts with you. It doesn’t matter if you are with your family in the car, on a bus, a boat, train or a plane…keeping your act together is critical. The travel, tourism and transportation business is a multi-billion dollar industry. We’re good at it. So gear up and get ready for a fantastic holiday season!



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