For These Times

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“For these Times” is a radio ministry of Grace Baptist Temple, to get the truths of God’s Word out in these times of frustration, questions, and doubts. This program will prayerfully be used to encourage and challenge us to live our lives for Jesus Christ. It’s God’s Word that enables us to know how to live “For These Times” that we’re living in.

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About Pastor Dennis Isbell

Pastor Dennis L. Isbell became a Christian in 1979 while serving in the United States Air Force. In 1980, he sensed the call to preach. He and Debbie were married in June of 1981. Pastor Isbell graduated from Baptist Bible College in 1986. He has served as an associate pastor of two churches and senior pastor of one church prior to coming to Grace Baptist Temple in October of 1992. They are the parents of two daughters. Rebekah is married to Tim Sweeney, and they are serving the Lord in Crane, MO, where Bro. Tim is the Pastor of Crane Bible Baptist Church. Heather lives in Napa Valley, CA., and is studying to be a nurse. They have 7 grandchildren, Andrew, twins Hannah and Luke of Tim and Rebekah; twins Braxton and Bryleigh, Kensington, and Kylah of Greg and Heather.


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