Bethesda Church

Bethesda Church

Bethesda is Hebrew word meaning “house of mercy”.  We want to live up to what our name means so the mission and the vision of our church represent that goal.

Mission: Show Mercy to a Broken World

About Pastor Robert Flores

Pastor Rob and his wife, Isela, have been on staff at Bethesda since 2000.  Having served as youth pastors for 9 years, now they serve as Associate Pastors.  Although he doesn’t play as much these days, Pastor Rob has played the piano since childhood and has ministered extensively through music both singing and playing.  Pastor Rob has also been an instructor at Latin American Bible Institute and at Bethesda School of Ministries and enjoys investing in future ministers. Here’s a little more info about Pastor Rob.

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About Church of San Antonio

In Ephesians chapter 4 it says

There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
one God and Father of all,
and in a city with over 1000 church meetings there is only 1 church.

AM 630 The Word presents The Church of San Antonio - Five distinct ministries but one faith.  Five different styles but one hope.

We are One Church – The Church of San Antonio


  • Monday - Pastor Flores from Bethesda Church
  • Tuesday – Pastor Jones from Leon Valley Baptist Church
  • Wednesday – Pastor Wyman from Blue Jean Church
  • Thursday – Pastor Perryman from Agape Christian Church
  • Friday – Pastor Powers from Compass Church


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