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While on the air at High Resolution Radio, we look at all of the issues facing America, topic by topic. From the Family, to the Communities in which we live, to our Nation, the Middle East and around the World.
At the High Resolution Radio, we argue that influential institutions from Universities to most large newspapers and television networks, that they are dominated by secular humanism and Pastor Kurt personally believes they attack and misrepresent Judeo-Christian values and their positive effect that America and this world has enjoyed because of those values.

Thank God, we had forefathers, men and women of this great Nation willing to fight and willing to risk everything for yours and my freedom.

As a Nation, we have forgotten these incredible works through these mighty men of valor and have either forgotten or purposely thrown out, the Blessings from our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Be a part of something special High Resolution Radio, it’s about you, your family and the greatest Nation on the planet, The United States of America.

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