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Ep. 17: Football Preview: The Peanut Butter Bowl 2019 Part 1

Very Bold Radio - 8/10/2019 12:00:00 AM

Very Bold Radio & Podcast is such a BLAST for me to get to do! I love it! But wait there’s more! Very Bold Ministries--we also do sports ministries (NHL & AHL hockey ministries, high school football coaches); children’s books: Bobby Bee A Blessing and youth fiction: Joe Angel The Guardian Games, AND The Peanut Butter Bowl (Listen 0:00-6:00)! The Peanut Butter Bowl is now a series of high school football games where fans and students bring Peanut Butter to help feed hungry children and families. In this episode you’ll hear more about that and talk football as we meet coaches and players from Peanut Butter Bowl IV, V, VI, and VII. Today we have four segments: 1. Johnson Jaguars Coach Ron Rittimann joined by players Justin Rodriguez, Colton Lee (6:00-20:00); 2. Brennan Bears Coach Steve Basore and players Gabe Ramos and Ryan Curtis (20:00-30:00) 3. Alamo Heights Mules Coach Michael Norment and Billy Conn, Curtis Gunn (30:00-41:00) 4. Churchill Chargers Coach Ron Harris, Korson Hastings and Koji Potter (41:00-53:00)

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Ep. 16: You Had A Bad Day (Simple Man Bible Study Part 2) Experience Jesus through Simon Peter’s Experiences

Very Bold Radio - 8/3/2019 12:00:00 AM

What’s a BAD day for you? Tough day at work? In the gym? At home? With the fam? Some of my bad days are related to technology because for some reason I assume my computer won’t ever crash (it does daily), my iPhone touchscreen will work every day (uh, nope strike two), and other #firstworldproblems. You can also catch me relive my very bad day on the Little League field and at the Pentagon (yeah, that Pentagon part is 100% TRUE and also about 85% misleading) on the podcast. Then… let’s experience the power of Jesus through Simon Peter’s bad day at work! Hate to see it, but a very bad, no good rotten sort of day and Jesus might do something about it.

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Ep. 15: World Race Gap Year Missionary Charlie Breda ready to impact the world on a 9-month mission to Guatemala, Ethiopia, Thailand

Very Bold Radio - 7/27/2019 12:00:00 AM

I have a big heart for missionaries and an extra soft spot for young missionaries and Charlie Breda definitely fits that category having just graduated high school in May. In just over a month she begins her mission work going literally around the world. In this interview she explains what World Race is, how her initial motivation to do it was changed over time, the intense training, and life-transforming experience she has had without even leaving the country just yet. Young missionaries ready to answer God’s call always inspire me and I know Charlie will inspire you as well. To follow along or join Team Charlie: go to

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Ep. 14: Football Coach Mike Dutson Defeats Leukemia with help of wife Dana, their kids, community, and God

Very Bold Radio - 7/20/2019 12:00:00 AM

I’ve been blessed and honored to be one of many people in Mike and Dana’s corner this past year as they’ve taken on leukemia and won. I consider Mike a miracle, not just for crushing cancer but also for the work I’ve seen God do in his life. Mike and Dana walk us through their journey, talking about the power of community, power of positive attitude, and Mike’s newly discovered power of prayer in this big win. Mike is a football and track coach at Johnson High School in San Antonio and his wife Dana is a coach at Tejeda Middle School.

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Ep. 13: JP Lane Purple Heart Recipient, Speaker, Author, the only double amputee Recording Artist in the World, and a Miracle

Very Bold Radio - 7/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

I’m blessed to meet some amazing people! And thanks to our good friend Kelly J. Stewart I met JP Lane and his wife Crystal. They are the real deal. JP is a daring patriot and US Army veteran who miraculously survived a 200-pound IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2011. JP describes in this interview how he had been on a dark path before God used that to get him back on track. He talks attitude and recovery and his new normal. He tells us about God speaking to him when he was desperate for guidance and how that quickly, amazingly led to JP singing at the Presidential Inauguration. He tells us about his upcoming book Walking Again (release date: Sept. 11, 2019), sings his new song for us, and even prays for those who might be discouraged. He is a true patriot and a miracle of God!

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Ep. 12: Jordan Binnington of the Stanley Cup winning St. Louis Blues NHL

Very Bold Radio - 7/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

I think the world of Jordan Binnington, aka Binner, aka JB, aka Binni, aka Winnington. I had the honor to get to know Jordan in San Antonio (AHL's Rampage) before St. Louis called him up and he helped changed the course of the Blues and end their 52-year Stanley Cup drought defeating the Boston Bruins in seven games. The Blues going from worst in the NHL on January 3rd (31st out of 31 teams!) to winning the Stanley Cup is one of the greatest sports stories of my lifetime. Consider this: No NBA, NFL, or MLB (or NHL of course until now) team has been in dead last place 25% of the season completed and gone on to win the championship. The Blues were dead last with 45% of the season completed. Jordan Binnington earned his first start January 7 posting a shutout against the Flyers and went on to have a regular season record of 24-5-1 before becoming the first rookie goaltender to win 16 games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I could say a lot more about this intelligent, thoughtful, funny, kind, guy who loves to bring people together but why don’t you hear from the man himself: a story of belief, perseverance, and competitive fire. An amazing story!

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Ep. 11: Movie-- Run The Race Screenwriter Jake McEntire

Very Bold Radio - 7/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Have you seen the film Run The Race (executive producers Tim Tebow and his brother Robby, now available Blu Ray, DVD, Digital)? Great sports action and soundtrack in addition to really solid acting and of course the story and screenplay itself which brings us to our guest, screenwriter Jake McEntire. The title Run The Race is spot on for the film itself but doubles for the story of the film getting made. Hear Jake’s story and you’ll see the movie was definitely a marathon and not a sprint. You'll be encouraged for the race you are running right now.

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Ep. 10: Rocco Grimaldi of the Nashville Predators NHL

Very Bold Radio - 6/22/2019 12:00:00 AM

I love Rocco and his #borntoshine wife Abby (an amazing singer/songwriter talent who will be on the show soon). We are blessed to consider them family and I count Rocco a best friend. But forget that for a minute because what we talk about here is Rocco Grimaldi’s breakthrough year with the Nashville Preds of the NHL, and his breakout playoff series where he led the Preds’ forwards in scoring with 3 goals. We talk about some of the tough times he faced to get to this point and we talk about how God led Rocco to the Nashville Predators. You’re going to enjoy all of it but be blessed as you hear Rocco talk about God’s specific powerful promises to him when there was a whole lot of uncertainty. Listen to what God put on Rocco’s heart and you’ll be inspired in your faith and reminded that Jesus is leading you as well!

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Ep. 9: Your Enneagram Coach Beth McCord & Jeff McCord

Very Bold Radio - 6/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Enneagram is all the rage for understanding personality types, communication, fears, desires, motivations and more. Your Enneagram Coach Beth McCord and Jeff do a fantastic job of using the Enneagram as a tool for all that understanding but all in the light of Jesus Christ and pointing to the Gospel the entire way. In this interview we talk marriage relationships including theirs and how the Enneagram helped them in a profound and important way and I (bold move) even let them take a whack at Kris’s and mine (okay, okay, so now Kris and I think maybe we are not the Enneagram types we first thought lol… which is great for learning and growing!). Beth and Jeff’s new book: Becoming Us is available for pre-order and at their Becoming Us live date nights. What a tremendous couple! A lot of fun talking with them and I so look forward to their book. Get that marriage of yours to thriving! Never taken a free Enneagram assessment? Go to I really enjoyed Jeff and Beth and you will too!

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Ep. 8: Unspoken's Chad Mattson

Very Bold Radio - 6/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Let's real talk: Anxiety, Enneagram, Calling, and of course Unspoken's awesome new album: Reason. I'm a huge fan of Chad Mattson & Unspoken. Yes-the music: The Cure, Just Give Me Jesus, Higher, Start A Fire and of course: Good Fight which has personal meaning for me and helped demonstrate just how caring, compassionate, real Chad Mattson is (I talk about that to intro this episode). Big heart of gratitude for Chad and Katie and their REAL love for people. Thank you!

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Ep. 7: Mandisa

Very Bold Radio - 5/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

Mandisa. I reached out to Mandisa for an interview because when I first talked with her nearly two years ago, we just clicked and connected. I knew talking with her would bless me (selfish) but also bless our listeners (hey, that’s you). What I did not know until we talked off air this time is that she’s in a hard place right now. Off-air she made the decision to go ahead and open up during this conversation about depression and the ongoing battle it is. Just so you know, recognizing we were going to get real and Mandisa was going to get very vulnerable, I wanted to first start on a lighter note. So yes, we talk about her meeting former Tennessee Titans’ DeMarco Murray, and my challenge to her to get to a Nashville Predators hockey game this next NHL hockey season before we get deep (About 15 minutes in is when we get to the real talk). Mandisa amazes me. She is an incredible gift and blessing from God. Her prayer for you near the end of the podcast and her challenge for us to watch for signs of depression in our friends, neighbors, family will bless you.

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Ep. 6: Candice Curry: The Con Man's Daughter

Very Bold Radio - 5/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

Candice Curry is a blast. She’s hilarious, quick-witted, sharp, and the definition of fun. Example: listen as she describes her favorite children. So funny. And yet… her amazing life story in the book you must read: The Con Man’s Daughter brought me to tears many times. The things Candice endured… and then for her to eventually discover grace, love, redemption through Jesus. It’s powerful. So whenever she and I sit down for a talk, it’s always fun (see my first description) and yet always powerfully redemptive. Love this girl! Oh, and bonus, we meet her hilarious daughter Stiles Parish (sadly if you listen, you’ll see: No, she’s not her mom’s favorite lol) near the end or our conversation.

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Ep. 5: Lisa Burkhardt-Worley: Author The Only Father I Ever Knew

Very Bold Radio - 5/11/2019 12:00:00 AM

I did not know Lisa Burkhardt-Worley before she met me at the KSLR AM630 12th floor studios. I knew of Lisa because when we first moved to San Antonio she was the only female sports anchor in town. She was on KENS 5 (CBS affiliate) and always did a great job. I hadn’t known her vast national sports experience which we talk some about but I also did not know her fascinating powerful story of God getting a hold of her a couple of key times in her life. This interview and her story reminds me of the power of one person, to say one simple thing that can change the course of our life here on earth as well as our eternal destiny. Lisa also has authored several books including The Only Father I Ever Knew. Awesome to meet her.

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Ep. 4: Bethany Beal of GirlDefined: Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl's Heart

Very Bold Radio - 5/3/2019 12:00:00 AM

So Bethany Beal and Kristen Clark of GirlDefined are incredible sisters in Christ. Um, and literally sisters of each other. They are impacting girls, young women, and some moms too globally! I first met this dynamic duo while interviewing them for Beacon Radio. When Bethany reached out to me about their new book: Sex, Purity, and the Longings of A Girl’s Heart, I jumped at the chance to interview her again as we get Very Bold Radio & Podcast going! Not only do we talk sex (and somehow I didn’t blush once…) and their new book, we also talk some about how they handle insults and mocking. They are amazing young women and though we missed Kristen this time, we’ll look forward to our next interview. See for more.

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