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Pastor Michael Dee Harris – Christian Family Church in New Braunfels

I was born in Beeville, Texas on July 31, 1945.  I grew up on a ranch between Refugio and Victoria, Texas.  I worked as a cowboy for the first 14 years of my life until we moved into town (Refugio).  In high school I excelled in sports and after graduation I was offered a track scholarship to Victoria College in Victoria Texas.

We were Junior College National champions in 1963 and 1964.  When I graduated from Victoria College I attended Texas A & I University in Kingsville Texas.  In September 1966 I was drafted into the US Army and took my basic training at Fort Polk Louisiana.  I was selected as outstanding trainee out of 6000 trainees.  After basic training I took advanced training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  The Army changed my M.O.S. to that of an Administrative Specialist.  All of my training buddies went to Vietnam and I was assigned to N.A.T.O. Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.  Eventually I was transferred to US Army Headquarters in Germany where I served the remainder of my tour.  I was Honorably discharged in November 1968.

In December 1968 I began my career in the insurance business in Corpus Christi.  Success came easily for me as I received many awards as Top Salesman.  In 1970 I opened my own insurance agency.  I began to excel and was named outstanding insurance agent in Corpus Christi.  In 1973 my CPA informed me that I was officially a millionaire.  In 1974 I was asked to serve on the Board of Driscoll Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Heart Institute.  In 1975 I also served on the board of United Cerebral Palsey.


I had several telethons raising money for these organizations.  I was able to bring Willie Nelson, Waylen Jennings, Tom T. Hall, Charlie Pride, Tanya Tucker and Dolly Parton.  My telethon in 1977 I was able to bring John Denver to Corpus Christi and we became good friends for years after this.

In 1978 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and sent to Houston Methodist Hospital.  After extensive testing I was scheduled for brain surgery.  A problem occurred when a nurse administered the wrong test on me (it was for the man in the next room), as  result my tumor ruptured.  I was in a coma for 5 days.  They eventually performed brain surgery on me that was to be 2 to 3 hours.  My surgery lasted 14 hours and I suffered serious complications and I was heavily medicated.  Upon my return to Corpus Christi I also endured chemo therapy.  Needless to say I was a mess and unable to manage my businesses.  Over the next few years I was unable to manage my business affairs.  In 1982 two friends deceived me out of $300,000.  As a result, along with the Drs. Recommendation I declared bankruptcy.  My world was falling apart all around me.  The real estate market collapsed, the oil and gas business collapsed and so did my investments.  In January 1985 I declared for bankruptcy.  I lost everything except for my family.

On October 17, 1985 I was born again and new hope came alive in me.  I was transformed by my experience with The Lord.  My life began a whole new way of thinking and living.  In May 1986 a lady at my church said “Michael The Lord wants you to read the Book of John on your knees out loud”.  I immediately went home and began to read and after my third reading this wonderful fragrance came into my room.  My thought was I can’t even afford scented candles.  Then I hear His beautiful voice and He said “Michael I AM JESUS and I have come because of your obedience.  You know I AM The Rose of Sharon and I have come to heal the damage done to you during your brain surgery.  He said I am laying my right hand on your head and you will feel like a hot oil is being poured on you, on your right side first.  Just as He said it was like a hot oil was being poured on me.  It was absolutely the most wonderful experience I had ever had.  Then He said “Michael I have made you every bit whole.  “Then He said do you know that I Am the Living Word and asked me to turn to John chapter 1 verse 1.  He said read what it says.  In the beginning was The Word “Jesus said that is me.  Do you understand this.  I said yes Lord I understand.   Needless to say His Love was so wonderful and it was  as if I was filled with Joy and His wonderful peace.  I was so filled with His love my walk with Him was totally changed.  Now I knew My Lord Jesus loved me.  I want to emphasize His gentleness and His great kindness toward me and all those who believe in Him.  A few days later I asked a Christian Doctor to confirm my healing and tests were run and he told me Michael this is a wonderful miracle that the Lord has done.

During 1988 my ministry began and was blessed to minister in over 85 prison, many churches, conferences, and meetings.  During the 1990’s we lived in San Antonio until 2002 when the Lord said it was time for me to be the Pastor He had called me to be.  We started a church in Corpus Christi on Padre Island in 2003 and it was great.  We eventually handed the church over to another Pastor.  We knew we were to move back to San Antonio and eventually start another church.  We started Christian Family Church in New Braunfels in 2015.  I am still busy in ministry activities in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.  There is so much more I could write down about all the wonderful things God had done in our lives.   



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