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The Letting Go

If the Lord wills…. These words said by some of the bravest, closest followers of Christ. Paul and James…men so confident in what they saw and KNEW, that they would leave lives they knew for deaths they didn’t. Men of conviction and clarity. These are the men who ultimately and humbly acknowledged… only the Lord

The Finisher

This is my girl, Much Afraid. You can see it on her precious face. Scared to the point of tears. That instant where your flesh begs to be bowed to, in relief or rescue. This is that. As, her Mama… I could tell she wanted to bolt and not in the same direction as the

The God of the Bible

Did you wonder if the God of the Bible could still captivate, activate and change the whole world at once? You should not be wondering now. Do you think COVID was outside of His will or awareness?   Ask Pharaoh. Ask kings and presidents how in charge they felt when The Ruler chose to reign

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