BHC TX Speaker Series | Discerning between Truth & False Doctrines | Jacob Prasch

Speaker Jacob Prasch’s lecture will benefit you enormously. He is Jewish and was brought up in New York, where he became a Christian in his twenties. He also lived for many years in Israel. He speaks Hebrew and also knows Greek and is extraordinarily knowledgeable across a very broad range of biblical themes. He tells the truth about the Bible and false doctrines and that are increasingly being taught all around the world. Jacob has the courage to say what most others dare not say. If you listen to his teaching you may get the impression, at least at first, that he is rather brash. He is very direct and does not shrink from saying what needs to be said. He is very direct while being a very kind-hearted and sincere person. He covers a huge range of subjects, but his specialist topics would include Israel, Bible prophecy and the condition of the Church worldwide. God has used Jacob greatly to expose all sorts of false teachings, as well as explaining clearly, thoroughly and accurately what the Bible really says on those issues. When: Thursday August 22nd 6 PM to 8 PM Where: Hampton Inn Bulverde, Texas 499 Singing Oaks (Event Room - Salon C) Spring Branch, TX, 78070


Hampton Inn Bulverde TX | Event Room - Salon C
499 Singing Oaks
Spring Branch, TX 78070
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