Fear into Faith LIVE

It's time to shift from fear into FAITH together! Summer Dey is an International Speaker and Personal Development Coach that helps women to shift fear into faith and to be transformed by the power of faith. Summer Dey has developed many women on her coaching journey and had massive results for her clients. Summer will be joining with 4 more women of faith to teach her tools, and share the power of faith. Fear into Faith LIVE is an event for Christian women looking for shifting out of fear and into faith. Together, we will be going to get down to the deep roots of what is holding them back so that they can break forward into that dream and vision God has placed in their heart! The first Fear into Faith event was a virtual retreat on Zoom during the pandemic. Hundreds of women were changed by the first retreat so we had 3 editions since then. Now is time to go to San Antonio Texas and do it in person.


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