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God's Dogs Rescue



God's Dogs Rescue was started with one dog, Duchess, a beautiful 6 month old golden/chow mix who was living in a drainage ditch in 1995. Juli saved her, took her home (got her in the car with carrots fro her horses) and never looked back...

In Approximately 2006, San Antonio had an "awakening" about the state of our pound and the sheer number of animals killed daily because of the extreme overpopulation. After attending one of the rallies, the name God's Dogs Rescue was born as Juli began to increase her rescue efforts within the community. 

In 2014, after saving hundreds and hundreds of dogs and pups, God's Dogs Rescue took on a new venture, adopting and transporting dogs and pups out of TC and into other parts of the country. With a group of like-minded individuals, we obtained 501c3 status and since Jan. 2014, we have saved thousands and found homes for 90-95% in other states and Canada.


Our mission is, save as many as we can, rehabilitate them, and find them homes with wonderful families all over the country and even in Canada. Educate everyone we meet about the importance of spay & neuter and responsible pet ownership.


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