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10 Prayerful Meditations for Better Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you struggle finding rest? Do you dread nighttime because of the struggle—perhaps even because of a sense of agony that comes with trying to sleep? Here are 10 prayerful meditations to help you sleep peacefully.

What I Learned about Thankfulness from My First Thanksgiving Alone

God always provides for us. It’s hard to see this in the moments when our expectations fall apart, especially when those expectations surround a beloved holiday. But this is the season of giving thanks. May we each spend time in the weeks leading up to turkey day meditating on what we are thankful for, both big things and small. 

A Guide for Spending Any Holiday Alone

God didn’t create humans to live in isolation, but rather, in healthy communities that encourage, love, and celebrate one another. Whether you’re the person trudging through a hard season, or the family member or friend unsure of what to do, here are three ways to spend the holidays, even in the face of a hard life season:

10 Scriptures Singles Need to Guide Their Dating Decisions

Dating can often feel like navigating a field dotted with land mines. One false move, and you’re in serious trouble! Whether you’re naturally a cautious planner or an impulsive thrill-seeker, dating can be exhausting and discouraging. Without the Light of the World, we’re sure to stumble in the darkness.


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