Why Money Management Matters

We are blessed to be a blessing. When we don't have anything, we can't give anything. It takes money to move the Kingdom forward. The "why" is important.

Can God Use Debt To Improve Your Relationships?

Hear the word “debt” and it is tempting to tune out. It hits too close to home. It feels so emotional, even depressing. Debt’s wrong, right? The mention of that four-letter-word always seems to kick off the “shame game”--a huge dose of bad feelings to swallow with the already bitter pill of your shortfall. But we all know someone whose life is currently affected by debt. That someone might even be you.

How to Help Your Teen Avoid Student Loan Debt

Your teen might think a budget for all their monthly expenses is limiting, but it will actually help them feel more freedom in the long run. And budgeting will help them save up for college while they’re still in high school and don’t have to pay a bunch of bills to pay.

5 Reasons Why Money Is The #1 Cause of Divorce

No one hopes to fight. No one dreams about arguing. But what couples may not see as they gaze into their future is how a little something that they’ve known since their childhood could easily come between them. A little thing called money.


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